Hosting & Management

Hosting [6 World-Wide Hi-Speed Servers]

FREE simple changes each month to text. e.g. Dates, Events, etc. All Included! Low fees even for major updates in the future.
Ask our current clients, eMail them, I'm serious, We're the real deal! We don't hold your website ransome, causing you to abondon it or pay insane fees.
Easy Support! - You Notify Once! We Sort it out for you! It's that simple! We'll report back in full detail if you like, or you can choose to be completely oblivious and 100% cared for.

$270 to Create/Design Your Site

Consultation, Logo/Brand Design, Full Website!
Designed & Published (5-9 pages, 5 eMail adrs)
FaceBook/Twitter/Social Linked! · Custom Fast Flowing, Menu System! · NO Templates or
Dead Links! · Custom inTheme PayPal Shopping
Cart Set-Up and Integration!  

Web Site Creation

Domain Control

$17.50 per year for Registration

Let us worry about your address stability.
We don't require that you purchase your domain through us.
Please be aware what a savings of $8 might cost you.

$270 just once

$63 for 5 months

$36 for 10 months

$20 per month



"My website has never gone down, never had any technical problems, no-one has ever told me it is difficult to use or is not working, all I have ever had is compliments for it, thanks to you. and when I want to change something you take my ideas and make them 100 times better. Can't believe you are offering your services so cheaply. I hope people realise that not only are they getting a web designer but also a marketing and business expert as well, something most web designers have no clue about." - Kira G. Goldy, Owner, The Lighthouse